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About Us

About Us is a leading United Kingdom based product sourcing, manufacture, and import wholesaler specialising in merchandise from the Pacific Rim region.

In today's competitive world, the way in which you manage your suppliers can be your key differentiator. By better managing your interactions with suppliers, you can have greater control and visibility of the supply chain, improve product and service quality, and drive additional savings through more cost effective and streamlined processes.

The Importer offers turnkey solutions, enabling businesses and individuals to source, manufacture, transport and import, a vast array of products that are "Made in China".

COST SAVINGS - 20% or more over current Asian manufacturing and up to 60% over North American and European manufacturers.

SECURITY - Working with a UK based company that has an established history and process for delivering quality products manufactured in China.

INFRASTRUCTURE & EXPERTISE - Local staff on the ground in Hong Kong and China, real ‘brick and mortar’ offices and warehousing.

We have over 15 years of sourcing, manufacturing and importing experiance covering a vast array of products.

Our primary distribution markets are the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Europe.

We offer a comprehensive sourcing and manufacture service for our customers, with established contacts with reputable factories your imagination is the limit.