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International Import Services - Pacific Rim

International Import Services - Pacific Rim

We offer a range of import facilitation services to individuals and businesses from an introduction right through to a Door-to-Door import.

Import Services

Product Catalogues & Factory Contact Details

Specialist DDP Software That Calculates a Landed UK Price Instantly

Making Payment In China and Hong Kong on Your Behalf

Inspecting Goods Prior to Purchase & Export In Hong Kong/China

Export Packing Goods

Preparing Export Documents, Freight Documents, CO, GSP, AWB, B/L

Goods Transportation Locally in China & Hong Kong

International Transport by Air & Sea (Our Account/Your Account)

Customs Clearing Goods on Arrival

Storage & Distribution

Furniture Manufacturing Advice

International Shipping Advice

Import Training

Logistics Training

Customs Clearance & Procedures Advice

Having the right know how is just as vital as importing the right product at the right time. We have over 10 years of experiance in dealing with HMRC and China Customs, if we dont know how to do cant be done!

Freight Services

Daily & Weekly imports by AIR - we can offer preferential rates by consolidating shipments together. Uplift available in: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong (for other locations please contact us).

Monthly imports by SEA - we can offer cubic meter (CBM) freight slots at very reasonable prices, allowing even small volume importers to benefit from a cost effective transport solution without incurring expensive break bulk and FCL costs.

High Value Goods Storage

We can offer High Value Goods Storage at our CCTV & Biometrically Secured facility in Birmingham, we are 10 minutes from the motorway network and Birmingham International Airport.

For further information, and availability of services mentioned above please contact our import team.